Kamloops songwriter collaborates on Chainsmokers latest release

By Dylana Milobar
December 23, 2018 - 11:05am Updated: December 23, 2018 - 12:39pm

KAMLOOPS — Originally hailing from Kamloops, B.C, Kate Morgan has been busy continuing to carve out a successful music career with her latest piece of songwriting.

Last week, (Dec.14) The Chainsmokers released a new song called "Hope", featuring the vocals of Winona Oak, co-written by Kate Morgan.

An experienced musician and songwriter, Morgan got started on her career from a young age, and now lives in Los Angeles, writing music and working with production crews for many well-known artists in the industry.

"Its been a lot of work," She explains, "I've been pursuing music since I was 16, really seriously, and almost full-time."

Also known as Aria Hennessy on the music scene, Morgan says she's been developing more of her songwriting over the last three years.

"I would like to just continue to do what I do," She says, "I mean right now, I get to live in Los Angeles, and only do music, and be in beautiful state-of-the-art studios every day with platinum and Grammy award-winning artists, producers and songwriters, and be inspired and pushed and challenged every day."

Morgan says all the hard work she puts in to her career has been worth it.

"I'm happy. I would love to write a number one record, I would love to win a Grammy, and I'd love to put out my own music again, but I'm feeling very, very grateful for where I am right now."

The Chainsmokers latest track is certainly not the first time Morgan's talent and passion for music has been recognized by other artists.

Over the years, some of the names she's written and worked with include The Chainsmokers, Black Bear, Cher Lloyd, Illenium, Ashe, The Futuristics, Grace, Charlie Handsome, Samm Henshaw, Hit Boy, Olivia O’Brien, Needlz, Daniel Skye, Lophiile, George Reid of AlunaGeorge, SG Lewis and Delacey.

"The list kind of goes on. I mean I'm constantly pitching songs for really everyone in the music industry. So hopefully the list will continue to grow but its been a really good start this year."

Citing this latest collaboration as one of her proudest accomplishments, Morgan says having her music heard on a wider scale through the Chainsmokers is quite the experience.

"They get pitched hundreds and hundreds of songs," She explains, "So when they choose one, and they feel it emotionally, and you get this chance to kind of connect emotionally with so many people on such a broad scale, its really, really exciting and satisfying."

Morgan makes her way back to Kamloops a few times a year when she gets the chance, and wants to help those in her hometown learn more about the process involved when penning tracks.

In the spring, she plans to put on a songwriting workshop in Kamloops.

"I hope someone reads this or listens, and feel empowered to go after their dreams no matter how far away they are," She says, "I never thought I'd be here so I hope people are encouraged."

For those looking to break into the industry, Morgan has some tips from her experience.

"People always ask, whats your advice to get into the music industry," Morgan explains, "The only real answer is you just can't have another choice. If you have no other choice, its the only thing you can see yourself doing, and theres no option to quit, you'll be okay. You'll get there."

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