Railcars carrying pipe through Kamloops are destined for Trans Mountain: Kinder Morgan

By James Peters
April 20, 2018 - 11:47am

KAMLOOPS — Kinder Morgan Canada confirms lengths of pipeline that have arrived in Kamloops by rail are meant for the Trans Mountain pipeline project.

Members of the public have observed dozens of trailer loads of stacked pipe moving through the city via the CP tracks.

Kinder Morgan says the pipeline is arriving at a Temporary Use Site here in the city.

According to an email from the company, it could be that the materials were ordered and sent off prior to last week's announced shutdown of all non-essential spending on the Trans Mountain expansion.

The company says the pipe could also be headed toward "essential" work sites that are still operating.

Kinder Morgan's suspension came in the midst of political squabbling over the future of the pipeline expansion project.

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